Litigation & Forensic Services

8305 CLR

With experience testifying in over 100 cases, Bruce Malott of O2 CPA Consulting Group is a nationally recognized forensic accounting expert.

Bruce is ready to support your legal team by not only accurately assessing the value of your case, but by explaining intricate concepts in terms a judge or jury can easily understand – or by bringing realistic options for resolution to complicated cases.

Services include expert testimony together with financial analysis support for cases encompassing bankruptcy, business valuations, shareholder disputes, estate and trust disputes, damages or lost profits, and marital dissolution.

O2 CPA Consulting Group also provides fraud risk management services aimed at helping you detangle the elements of a fraud perpetrated – or better yet, help you prevent your business from being vulnerable to fraud. With the right policies and procedures in place, business owners can drastically reduce the risk of fraud and stay focused on what really matters.